“Southern California Shakes: Recent Magnitude-4.2 Earthquake Spurs Tremors Across the Region”

Southern California experienced widespread shaking on January 5, 2024, following a magnitude-4.2 earthquake that originated in the mountains east of Los Angeles. The quake’s epicenter was located in Lytle Creek, San Bernardino County, situated in the San Gabriel Mountains, approximately 60 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. Although initially reported as a magnitude-4.6 event, it was later downgraded to 4.2.

Numerous communities, including Long Beach, Carson, sections of the San Fernando Valley, Riverside, San Bernardino, and parts of Orange County, reported feeling the effects of the earthquake.

The seismic activity occurred near the convergence of the San Andreas and San Jacinto earthquake faults, adding significance to the event. This area had previously experienced a notable seismic event in 1970 when a magnitude-5.2 earthquake struck. The main quake followed a magnitude-4.1 foreshock by 20 minutes, leading to disruptions such as a knocked-off radio station and triggering mudslides and rockfalls that obstructed roads. Notably, five months later, the region witnessed the devastating magnitude-6.5 San Fernando Earthquake, also known as the Sylmar Earthquake.

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