An elephant possesses the ability to detect water from a distance of 12 miles.

Frogs acquire water through their skin rather than by drinking.

The human olfactory system can discern over 1 trillion scents.

Your genetic code is resistant to fire.

A snail can boast a dental count of approximately 25,000 teeth.

Celestial bodies emit sounds; Jupiter resembles underwater sounds, Neptune echoes ocean waves, and Saturn mimics the eerie backdrop of a horror film.

Russia boasts a larger landmass than Pluto.

Honey, being a natural substance, never spoils.

Approximately 90% of global rice consumption occurs in Asia.

Antarctica stands as the sole continent devoid of permanent human habitation.

Your stomach regenerates a new layer of mucus every two weeks to prevent self-digestion.

Earth's oldest trees surpass 4,600 years in age.